Key features of PhotoComp


  • Base new competitions on PhotoCompSoftware-supplied templates
  • Base new competitions on previous competitions
  • Publish competition templates for PhotoCompEntry users

  • Receive entries on CD, memory stick, or as e-mail attachments
  • Receive entries produced by PhotoCompEntry
  • Receive entries automatically by e-mail
  • Send automatic acknowledgements by e-mail
  • Use file names containing author and title
  • Validate entries against competition rules
  • Maintain a list of club members
  • Maintain membership status
  • Send an e-mail to all members

  • Manage PDI competitions
  • Manage print, slide and other competitions
  • Have more than one class in a competition
  • Have a portfolio class in a competition
  • Assign scores, awards or both
  • Record scores/awards using the keyboard
  • Record scores/awards using the mouse
  • Record scores in half marks
  • Record scores from multiple judges
  • Record scores via multiple keypads
  • Print paper score sheets
  • Resize large images to fit the screen
  • Resize small images to fit the screen
  • Handle embedded ICM profiles ("colour-aware")
  • Show scores, titles, authors on the screen
  • Fade titles in and out
  • Adjust the font size for titles et.
  • Show images in random order
  • Show images in entry order
  • Show images in predetermined order
  • Sequence images with a "light box"
  • Run through the images automatically
  • Hold back and show held-back images
  • Show images on a "light box"
  • Show the top scoring images
  • Impose a ranking on top images
  • Multi-screen support - e.g. projector and laptop screen
  • Show the current time or elapsed time with the projected image
  • Show a competition in two halves
  • Split a competition in two based on rank, score threshold or held back
  • Combine two classes in a competition
  • Accept abbreviated club names
  • Capture the image of a print with a camera and display it with a projector while judging

  • Run Portfolio competitions
  • Run inter-club competitions
  • Make a competition available to a judge via the World Wide Web for review or pre-scoring

  • Print results
  • Automatically send results to competitors by e-mail
  • Send results to a web site in HTML
  • Create a slide show from images
  • Overprint copyright information on published images
  • Export results and league tables to Microsoft Excel etc.
  • Maintain and publish league tables for club members
  • Send emails in batches that comply with service provider restrictions

  • Recover scores etc after a computer crash while presenting
  • Context-related help
Download Free

Evaluation Copy

Click on the button above to download a full evaluation copy of PhotoComp. This is a fully working version, however all images will be watermarked with "Evaluation Only".

To remove this restriction, you will need a licence, which costs £75. This allows you to run the program on one computer to manage the entries and, if you wish, another computer to run the competition.

Click above to pay using a credit or debit card - payments are processed via Paypal. You will receive a receipt and your licence number by email.


If you would prefer to pay by cheque, or require a copy on CD then email us.
(there is a charge of £2.00 to cover CD postage etc.)




- Windows Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP

- Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later



*(There is a charge of £2.00 to cover postage etc. for CDs.)