How to correct an over-bright projector

This article refers to Canon WUX450 and SX80 projectors, but the general principles should apply to other projectors as well

Summary : Use “Quiet Mode”, Gamma -5, Contrast +3 and colour space sRGB.

By Dave Hyett: Cheltenham Camera Club : After anther evening calibration session, we found that the optimum was to calibrate with the i1 (projector settings zero) then set the Gamma to -5 and contrast +3 which are the exact settings we have been using in the SX80. Having spent many hours viewing different images and variations of these settings we hit on this compromise. We actually feel that a Gamma of -6 controls the highlights even better but reducing the Gamma increases saturation and -6 seems too saturated and -4 the highlights are still a problem. Reducing the Gamma does help reduce this over brightness effect but we also found that the lower Gamma settings removed some of the deep shadow detail. Setting the Contrast to +3 restored most of this shadow detail when using a Gamma of -5 so proved to be a good compromise.

The i1 calibrator is different to the previous Spyders in that it also affects the brightness/contrast. By quick observation we determined that backing off the Gamma just holds back this offending brightness but calibrating after such changes is fine with the Spyder but nullified by the i1.

We also projected images at 1024 by 768 so we were really pleased to see that the WUX450 copes well with different formats.